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About Lance

The Senior Care Influencer

Lance A. Slatton is a dedicated Writer, Author, Influencer, and seasoned Healthcare professional with a rich background spanning over 18 years in the healthcare industry. As a beacon of knowledge and support in the realm of senior care, Lance’s journey is not just a career but a calling to make a meaningful difference in the lives of families, caregivers, and their loved ones as they navigate the complexities of long-term care.

A Passion for Giving

Lance’s passion for helping others was the guiding light that led him to become a Senior Case Manager at Enriched Life Home Care Services, where he has been instrumental in providing care and support to those in need. His dedication to the field extends beyond his day job, as Lance has taken his commitment to a global audience through his award-winning podcast and YouTube channel, All Home Care Matters, as well as co-hosting The Caregivers Journal with Denise Brown and Conscious Caregiving with L&L alongside Lori La Bey.

A Lifelong Commitment

Beyond the accolades, Lance’s work is fueled by a genuine desire to empower individuals and families facing long-term care challenges. He leverages his platform to share crucial information, resources, and support, ensuring no one feels alone in their journey. His involvement with the Board of Directors for a senior center in Monroe County, Michigan, further illustrates his commitment to community engagement and support at the grassroots level.

Awards and Recognitions

In recent months, Lance has taken the senior care industry by storm, earning several prestigious awards that underscore his impact and dedication to the field:

Juror for the Academy of Interactive Visual Arts, 2023
A testament to his expertise and influence in the intersection of healthcare and digital media.
Top .5% of all podcasts
Lance’s work with All Home Care Matters has placed it among the elite echelons of podcasts worldwide, a testament to its invaluable impact on its listeners.
“50 Under 50” for 2023 by the New York City Journal
Recognized for his innovative contributions to the healthcare industry before the age of 50.
Advocate of The Caring Awards
Lance was recognized by The Caring Awards for his dedication to raising awareness and informing individuals facing or planning for long-term care challenges
Los Angeles Magazine
Featured in Los Angeles Magazine

Lance A. Slatton: Innovator and Compassionate Leader in the Healthcare Industry

With over 20 years of experience, Lance A. Slatton, CSCM, stands as a seasoned professional in the healthcare industry. Slatton, a native of Michigan, is a Senior Case Manager at Enriched Life Home Care Services, a leading care provider based in Livonia, MI. His wealth of knowledge and experience, along with his innovative approach to providing care, have made him an indispensable asset in the healthcare field.

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