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The Caregiver’s Journal

From Isolation to Connection: The Caregiver's Journal

Connection in Caregiving: Stories from The Caregiver's Journal

Discover The Caregiver’s Journal, a heartfelt podcast and YouTube show brought to you by All Home Care Matters. Life presents us with many milestones: the first job, marriage, the arrival of children. Yet, caring for a family member brings its own significant moments: the day of diagnosis, the recognition of needing support, the anxious night in the Emergency Room, the transition to hospice care, and every day in between.

During these pivotal moments, the sense of isolation can weigh heavily. Lance A. Slatton and Denise M. Brown, hosts of The Caregiver’s Journal, extend a warm invitation to fellow family caregivers to share their stories of these profound days. This show not only illuminates the experiences of caregivers worldwide but also fosters connections within the caregiving community. It offers a platform for caregivers to express their insights and diminishes the loneliness often felt along the caregiving journey.

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