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Conscious Caregiving with L&L

Navigating Senior Care with Lance A. Slatton & Lori La Bey

Conscious Caregiving with L & L: Tackling Tough Conversations

Discover the dynamic collaboration between Lance A. Slatton, a seasoned case manager from Enriched Life Home Care Services (ELHCS) in Livonia, MI, and the esteemed Lori La Bey, renowned for her expertise in dementia care and as the founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks.

Together, they host “Conscious Caregiving with L & L” —  a monthly show aimed at empowering and guiding individuals through the complexities of senior health care. Drawing on their wealth of experience, this engaging series features leading experts and influencers in senior care, addressing pertinent topics and challenges faced by both seniors and caregivers alike.

Join the conversation and gain invaluable insights into the world of conscious caregiving and aging gracefully.

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