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In Conversation with Lance A. Slatton CSCM to Bring His Insights on Assisting Dementia Caregivers

A multifaceted approach is required to address the diverse needs of dementia caregivers. While financial assistance programs can alleviate the financial strain associated with caregiving expenses, access to community resources-meal delivery and transportation services-eases the caregiving workload.

Further, technology solutions like medication management apps and remote monitoring systems assist with care tasks and provide peace of mind. Moreover, advocacy for policies supporting dementia caregivers, including increased research funding and expanded caregiver support programs, addresses systemic barriers and enhances societal support. Perhaps the best part of implementing these measures is that communities and healthcare systems can better support dementia caregivers in providing quality care while maintaining their own well-being.

To shed some light on the same, we interviewed a home care industry expert to bring his perspective on dementia care to light.

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